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Education Pack (10 sets)

Education Pack (10 sets)

SKU: DD_004

Ten copies of the original production set of designdice™, each in a custom-embossed tin-plate case with instruction book. These are available to educational departments, courses and libraries, and comes with free shipping in the UK.


This option requires you to order from an educational email address (University/College/School). Please contact us directly for multiple orders, as we may be able to arrange for more competitive postage rates and discounts.

  • Product details

    Ten complete sets, each with;


    • 9 custom dice (22x22x22mm).
    • Digitally printed text.
    • Bespoke tin-plate case (98x98x33mm).
    • Instruction book & belly-band.
    • Printed on GFSmith Munken Lynx Smooth.


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